We offer you the possibility for the lovers of the sea to explore the coastal area of Chania - Crete

 DSC 0182Rent a boat for the duration of your holiday (in Chania the winter- and Loutro - Sfakia the summer) or shorter

Having boat in Chania the winter time,and  in Loutro-sfakion  the summer time, given the opportunity to yourself to explore the dozens of beaches that are inaccessible by other means, and why not discover your own private beach.

Our company offers you a free bait fishing boat with each boat rental.

After consultation and at a small cost we provide you
Electric reed for fishing in the deep sea
Electric reed for tuna

Our boats
 We offer boats up to 6 - 8 people with engines up to 25 - 75 horses.
Fully equipped with an auxiliary motor 5 hp, cooler, tent, boat, beach umbrella base,radio cd, and all the rescue equipment, as well as third party insurance.
Standard safety.
all boats have fishing license,so you can use them also for fishing.
You do not need permission to drive the boat.
posidon 5,50 x 2 meters  75 hp  2 to 8 passengers
chaniaboat loutro

Is it possible the departure of the vessel made the port of Chania and the port of Sfakia bath for exploring the beautiful coast of the prefecture.
Upon request we can carry the boat in any area of Chania you with a low transport costs, and if the book is more than three days, you can also pick you ship from our head office provided that know the transfer process of launching and recovery.
Also organized trips with boats, daily and nightly tours for squid-fishing.
Charter vessel for the duration of your holiday as you wish for, with pre-booked room with achieving major cost reductions by reducing holiday. For pre-booked by telephone Minimum deposit of 50% of 4 days before your departure to the account number.

Beaches suggest exploring


  • Agios Pavlos
  • Agia .roumeli-samaria
  • domata 
  • Small and quiet beaches Perivolaki
  • Freshwater Beach
  • Beach Marbles
  • Beach iligkas
  • And many others
Technical specifications
 Boat name:3 boats  loutro 1------- loutro 2 ---------xania1  
 4.50 x 1.85 meters 25 horses or big machine 5 horses or small machine  up to 6 people on board.
Boat name: loutro 3 
 5.60 x 2.10 meters 30/40 horses or big machine 5 horses or small  machine up to 7 people on board.
Boat name: nek 
 5.60 x 2.10 meters 30/60 horses or big machine 5 horses or small  machine up to 7 people on board.
Boat name: xristos
 5.60 x 2.10 meters 75 horses or big machine 5 horses or small  machine up to 8 people on board.



Rates-Prices per day (24 hours)

smal boat

 boat  ( loutro 1) - ( loutro 2 ) - ( chania 1)   4,50 x 1,80  meters  with 25 horses engine  one day

01 April -30 June (2-6 persons) 75 €
01 July-10 September (2-6 persons) 85 €
September 10 - 30 March (2-4 persons) 70 €

big boat  01 july-10 september

boat (xristos)   5,50 X 2,00  meters 2 to 8 passengers  with 75 horses engine 120 euro one day  You need a driving license

boat ( nek )  5,60 X 2,10  metrers 2 to 7 passengers  with 60 hp 120 eyro one day   No driving license

boat  (loutro 3) 5,60 X 2,10  metrers 2 to 7 passengers  40 hp 120 eyro one day  No driving license

big boat  from 10 september -30 June 90 euro

                                                                                                                     FUELS ARE EXTRAS

From 3 days and over 5% off Joined Rates
From 6 days and over 10% off Joined Rates


1 The boat optional and for security returned to you no later than 21:30
2. The use of alcohol and toxic substances
3. The tenant receives the rescue and fire fighting equipment, located in the cabinets of the vessel and take any responsibility for the Port Authority
4. The lessee is charged for fuel
5. The removal beyond the 03 nautical miles from the coast
6. The tenant is liable to the landlord for any physical damage to the vessel and shall govern the board and personally assume all liabilities for the governance board

Weather conditions
Hiring and detained the vessel is normally where the reception point the wind does not exceed 5 Beaufort with a tendency to weaken and allow port authorities.
Upon arrival at the designated point of receipt of the board will be asked to sign all necessary documents for the hire of the vessel and to iron out any outstanding financial. On receipt of a detailed demonstration of the craft and equipment, and are to sign a declaration accepting board and list of equipment it carries. Also, there is detailed information on security procedures, and information concerning the use of the vessel and its equipment, documentation / licenses given to you. The vessel delivered by us with full fuel tanks, to further facilitate the process.
It should be noted that previous actions can be done at our headquarters any day before at the request of the owner, to accelerate the departure day of departure.
Return to the point of delivery of the vessel is the designated day and time. According to tradition, is checking the condition of the vessel and its equipment.